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For a builder, it saves a lot of hassle if he could have a complete package of doors, that he could readily use for his entire project, rather than getting separate parts and assembling them each time.
Moreover, he can choose from a number of styles which goes along with the overall aesthetic value of the building.

One stop solution for:
  • Door
  • Door hardware – Hinges and bolts
  • Door Frame
  • Door Locks



  • Esteemed brand with more than 32 years of industry experience
  • Factory Finished Doors & Frame
  • Eco Friendly
  • Perfect Matching Door & Door Frame
  • Strict Quality inspection at every step of Manufacturing.
  • 1 year warranty on all manufacturing defects
  • 10 years warranty on colour
  • 12 colour options
  • Perfect Matching Door & Door Frame
  • Multiple modern & trendy designs to choose from
  • Rubber seal on frame
  • Excellent PVC Skin quality & Best quality BWP Resin adhesive used for edge binding
  • Best Quality Seasoned fir wood used for door skeleton and lock area
  • Range of hardware and Locks
  • Choice of Unique designs


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Premium quality doors that qualify to put all your concerns at ease

DOs and DON'ts

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight
  • Waterproof Storage area
  • Good Ventilation
  • Fire fighting equipment's to be provided
  • Stacking should not exceed 20 doors
  • No heavy things to be placed on top of the doors
  • Before installation, the packaging should be opened one day ahead in order to make it adjust to the local temperature and humidity.
  • The area should be dry and ventilated
  • Do not keep the doors near acids or volatile substances
  • Masking should not be removed during installation
  • Avoid sharp tools to contact the door
  • Make sure the walls are dry before installation
  • Use moist cotton to remove stains on the door, use only water and not any other cleaning agents.
  • Dry immediately after cleaning
  • Avoid direct sunlight, only for interior use
  • Do not scratch the door with any sharp object
  • In case of any scratches, wax filler of a similar colour can be used


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